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YeLab helps you grow your business digitally. We are providing the best IT solutions like Web development, Mobile app development, Software Development and Portal Development

About Us

YeLab was founded in 2017, setting up office in living room. We started as a group of innovative & passionate engineers sharing common views. By working diligently we prototype views and ideas into technological marvel.

  • Our mission is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services at an affordable cost.
  • Our forward vision is to strive to become an entity in technology based corporate solutions, capable of demanding unconditional response from the targeted niche
  • We make things talk because we listen beyond the words

YeLab Pvt. Ltd. is an IOT based company which provide the IOT solutions with cutting edge technology. YeLab Pvt. Ltd. was registered in the May, 2017 under Internet Of Things category. YeLab Pvt. Ltd. falls under the banner of Startup India and Make In India initiative. Every process and implementation, right from the inception till finishing of the end product has been done in India. YeLab Pvt. Ltd. has also been featured in various magazines for one of the most innovative startups of 2017. YeLab Pvt. Ltd. has been incubated with the collective zeal of professionals and motivated innovators having vivid experience in the field of IOT. We are young qualified business graduates from renowned universities across India with the advanced engineering background.

Our Working Process

When you want to outstand your business or want to sell out your products and services in the digital world, YeLab is the right choice for you. We are amongst the most preferred development and designing companies.

  • 01 Brainstorming and planning

    Brainstorming – the first step of the Development process. It all starts with a great idea. But any idea needs to be carefully thought over in order to be implemented. Meticulous planning is the initial and one of the core phases of product development as it presupposes determining the scope of the project, defining means and ways for the new system to meet business strategic objectives, resource availability, cost-related issues, timeframes and determining solutions. Only after a perfect plan is worked out you are ready to move forward. You can benefit a lot from creating a detailed plan from the very beginning

  • During this phase of development process, the project is defined in details and the analysis of the project’s feasibility is carried out. In order to build an actionable solution, clean code and catchy design are not enough, you first need for the development team to get a deeper understanding of the project goal and collect all the requirements. Feasibility analysis displays all the technical and economical aspects impacting the application development process: time, resources and tasks and involvement estimates from the team members help calculate ROI and determine project cost and profit.

  • During the design phase, the actual conceptualizing of the solution is created, that is the detailed architecture meeting specific project requirements is created. Custom tailored design by architects and engineers sets definite workflows and standards and encompasses clear overall solution/product design together with database structure and design. During this phase, the whole structure of the project is built with the final prototype and mockups used for the next stages of the development process.

  • The development phase is about writing code and converting design documentation into the actual. This stage of development cycle is generally the longest as it’s the backbone of the whole process and there are a number of vital things to pay attention to. The engineering team has to make sure their code meets the requirements specifications, conforms to the stakeholders’ requirements, etc. but if the previous stages of development were carefully fulfilled, the ready-to-use project/product is bound to match the requirements to the project.

  • Now that the project is built and completed the next phase involving system testing and integration starts. Depending on the adopted testing processes it might vary. The QA engineers use a whole range of frameworks alongside continuous integration executing unit tests, automation compilation, and testing. The Quality Assurance team conducts a series of tests including functionality testing, systems integration, and interoperability as well as user acceptance testing, etc. in order to ensure the code is clean and business goals of the solution are met.

  • This is a stage when the actual installation of the crafted solution takes place. It’s done step-by-step according to the implementation plan. The newly built and tested application is moved to production including data and components transfer while during the next releases only the specific changes will be deployed.

  • The final stage of development lifecycle includes maintenance and regular updates. The phase is treated with the utmost attention since during the stage the product is polished, upgraded, enhanced and fine-tuned according to the real-world feedbacks on its performance. That’s exactly a perfect timing to robust the application’s functionalities to upgrade its performance and modify according to the actual needs of the end-user add new capabilities or meet additional user requirements.

  • The Project Development Life Cycle as a structured iterative process varies from company to company aiming at delivery of the best quality product that satisfies the needs even of the most demanding customers.


Our Expertise

Laravel 100%
Reactnative 100%
Vue.js 98%
Angular 95%


YeLab helps you grow your business digitally. We are providing the best IT solutions like Web development, Mobile app development, Software Development and Portal Development

Website Development

Web development and designing is like planning to build a doorway to your house and the first impression ALWAYS matters.

Software Development

We create simplified solutions for your complex problems. We plan to create platforms that are elegant and effective.

Mobile App Development

We help you to stronghold the market with sleek and stylish apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Software/Website Hosting

We present you to your audience with marketing campaigns designed specifically for your business.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX Design Specialization brings a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design, and offers practical, skill-based instruction centered around a visual communications perspective, rather than on one focused on marketing or programming alone.

Portal development

A web portal is a secure web-based platform that gives access to varied functionality and content via an easy-to-navigate interface. ScienceSoft's web portal development covers UX/UI design, web and mobile development, integrations, embedded analytics, testing, security and continuous support.

E-commerce Development

Ecommerce development is the process by which an online retail business is structured and can work properly. ... Another aspect to develop in the case of eCommerce development is ensuring proper marketing and customer communication.

Logo/Social Media Design

Printed symbol or design that a company or an organization uses as its special sign. YeLab Provides the best services for Logo/Social Media Design and Post with its dedicated team.

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Our Experts

Rajiv Pratap

Product Manager

Sonu Kumar Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Anamika Tripathi


Ravi Kumar Gupta

Wordpress Developer


Front End Developer

Sweta Singh

Software developer

Ragini Modanwal

Larawel Developer

Anurag Mishra

App developer


Let’s have a talk Call us on our number below or send us an email regarding any issue or subject. We will respond within 24hrs


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